Alexander Beaudry and the Beaudry Power Hammers

Alexander Beaudry, the famous inventor of the Beaudry Power Hammer, filed for his first registration of Beaudry & Company Inc., in Boston, Massachusetts on December 17, 1906.

Mr. Beaudry invented a number of power hammers all with respective patents, and was well known for all of his various styles. Blacksmiths owe a lot to Mr. Beaudry, obviously he has done a lot bringing more power hammers into the field. He invented a number of different styles, some of the more popular styles as seen above where dies are inline with the C-frame style body.

Back in the day, these amazing machines were one of the most useful and money-saving tools that could be put in a railroad or blacksmith shop. Beaudry hammers were better than steam hammers, as they didn’t need any help (read: operator), and thus the smith himself controlling the stroke with the foot would act as the operator. This is very common in hammers nowadays to have a foot treadle to control the power hammer stroke.

Beaudry also invented dead stroke hammers and forging presses in his time, but he was definitely known most for his hammer due to it’s particularly strong and handy design. There are no small parts to this tool, so there is little to wear on – that’s likely how they have lasted so long and under such use. The blow of these hammers is square, and the dies were used to swap out for drop hammers as needed.

If you’re looking at a Beaudry, have a Beaudry, or want a Beaudry, then you know what you’re going to get – a powerful, hard working American tool from a very bright and successful inventor.

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